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Sky-High Rideshare Prices Have Huge Impact on Rider Loyalty

Dec 21st, 2021 - In a groundbreaking rider survey conducted by Obi, respondents showed just how impactful the long wait times and high prices have become on their lives post-lockdown. In short, riders are fed up being canceled on by drivers, paying too much for short trips, waiting too long and are changing their brand loyalty because of it. And that's why the Obi ride comparison app has become so popular - over 200k downloads from users who simply want to stop overpaying and wait less. The simple truth is we all overpay for rides because we don't compare prices. Obi makes comparing prices super easy. One app, every ride. Enjoy the video, infographic and slideshow below. Download the free Obi app for iOS and Android.

Survey Infographic
survey infographic.png
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