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Top 10 Essential Summer Travel Apps

Updated: Jul 17, 2022

The hottest apps to help you make the most of your summer travels across the USA and globally.

With July 4th a near distant memory, heat waves on the horizon and summer travel returning we've collated a list of travel tips and tricks for this summer. Especially with the euro exchange rate, European travel has never been so accessible for Americans as well. But whether you are going for a weekend a way or a global grand vacation, these travel tips will help make your experience less stressful and more enjoyable.


So let's start with a very popular app that should be part of everyone's packing routine. PackPoint (iOS and Android) quite simply helps you pack better. So unless you're an ace packer with a gold medal in packing we definitely recommend it.

Lounges There's one must have app when it comes to airport lounges and that's Loungebuddy. Available for iOS, it takes the pain out of finding lounges you are entitled to as well as free lounges.

Jet Lag Next up - that awful jet lag which can sometimes ruin far too many days of an already short holiday. Timeshifter (iOS and Android) helps you deal with jet lag and as they say on their site "Travel is part of your life. Jet lag doesn't need to be." It helps you plan in advance, adjust habits and advises when you should exposure yourself to bright light, when to keep it dark and so on. Developed by scientists and called a 'game-changer' by many travelers. Holiday Extras For planning and preparation, there's a great app called HEHA! It helps with airport transfers, parking, lounges etc. The more you use the HEHA! feature, the better it gets at recommending products that you'll actually need and want, saving you even more time when your next trip comes around!

More Experiences AirBNB is not only great for accommodation but for experiences and activities it has a huge list of options. So wherever you are traveling to, consult the AirBNB app for local experiences - from cooking to hot air ballooning, local tours etc it helps you plan everything in advance for a truly unique holiday experience. Withlocals is another great app. Withlocals connects travelers with trusted locals to help find the very best things to do and places to eat, visit and so on. You can also use the live feature to share experiences with friends and family.

If you want to go even further away from tourist spots and find those restaurants and other spots that only locals know about give LikeAlocal a try.

Speak Local Translation services have improved significantly over the last few years and Google Translate is a great app to have in your pocket. The app even has a camera feature which is very useful for sign posts, shopping or reading a menu. Available in over 38 languages.

Taxis and Rideshares

Of course we couldn’t give you tips without mentioning the Obi App. This platform was built specifically for travelers - whether going to airports or just out for the night to a restaurant. Obi shows you all the rides (black cars, taxis, ride hails) available on one platform so you can always get the cheapest or quickest pick up. It will help show you alternative providers too. Obi can’t lower prices with a magic wand, but we can always ensure you pay the absolute minimum. Especially on airport rides, you can save a small fortune by comparison shopping.

Cheap Accommodation Couchsurfing (iOS and Android) is a low cost alternative for budget accommodation as well as a way to meet locals. It lets you connect with locals who have space in their home for travelers to stay for free. If you don’t want to stay with a local you can use the Hangouts feature where you can meet other travelers in local cafes and bars etc.


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